Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More in the neverending list of notes to self

Fact - the low energy bulb in the bathroom is crap. Fact - if you put make-up on in the morning in the bathroom with that bulb you will look like Coco the Clown. Simon only put the bulb in because it was free! **Note to self** Change lightbulb whilst HE is not looking.

Parents arrive this evening on way back to France. **Note to self** Put dishwasher on before you leave for school or you'll get the "what did I raise" look from your mother again!
I don't know why I suddenly feel like I've been kicked whilst I'm down, run over by a 4 wheel drive and left for dead on a deserted road BUT oh boy it's only Wednesday and I am knackered! Where's my get up and go gone too? I could do with a nap (at 7am) or a holiday ... please stop the world I want to get off!! **Note to self** Enough Joanne - sleep!


Teuchter said...

Those low energy bulbs are rubbish. You can't get enough light to see what you're doing until the damn things have been on for ten minutes - which must partially cancel out the whole low energy use thing.
Bring back 100 watt bulbs, I say!

How many days until Easter hols? Bet they can't come quick enough.

Le laquet said...

Bring them on - so I can see how bad I really DO look!! Umm, I don't know how many days - 2 1/2 weeks I believe ... I cannae wait!!

City Girl said...

I rebelled against the crap low-energy bulbs and recently had installed halogen can lights.

Does that translate? they aren't plugged into my ass - not THAT "can"...they're stuck up inside the ceiling - DOZENS of them. And THEY'RE crap b/c now I can see every freaking pore and wrinkle on my rapidly ageing face. That'll teach me.

Love the random reference to the Punic wars...or is that Robert Burns? :o)

The Governor said...

I hope today's looking a bit better for you. I agree with Teuchter. As much as I want to use the CFL bulbs, I hate the light they give off. I've caught myself looking like Bozo on more than one occassion.


Indigo said...

I love your new header!

I can't remember the last time my husband changed a lightbulb. *grumble grumble*

Happy Mingling!

Angel said...

I know that look. Everytime my mother came into my appartment I got that look. Have a Good Weekend!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, the low energy light bulbs don't seem to be as bright. A trade off I guess. Loved the description of the farmers market. Doug says he'll stay with Simon at the ale stall.....sounds great. The pancetta fried up with a few veggies is definitely going on the list of things to try here. Yum!


Pierce said...

Oh, can I really post now? Lets see if this works!!!

Pierce said...

Jo - this time the "Comment as" drop down menu works. But not for your most recent post.

I love the new photos you loaded on your other blog!