Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Post #1000

1000 posts

Who'd a thunk it?
1000 posts.
I never keep anything going this long ... and yet I've managed to get Chez le Laquet to carry on limping along since February 2005.
I remember the bizareness of my first comment ... about chilled consomme. Managed to write 100 bizarre and unrelated things about myself in a strange list - twice! Panicked about the wedding preparations. Found scarred beauty in the playground. I had a hen night and got married. Started my first meme - that I am actually still doing! And that was just 3 months in 2005!
There are times when I am sick to death of posting and can think of NOTHING to say but then there are also times when I have been able to use the blog to rant my arse off! I have made some really good friends and as of yet I haven't been Dooced ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one! All in all I think I'm up for keeping this going for a while - hey maybe I'll even manage a few more posts than last year* ... shouldn't be too hard!
the year of the slacker
* aka the year of the SLACKER!


City Girl said...

Many congratulations!

You are SO not a slacker.

2008 was a tough year for everyone, in every way. The fact that you kept going, power THROUGH 2008 is cause for celebration, not self-flagellation!

177 posts AND comments on The Blogs of Others.

Atta Girl!

Anonymous said...

Aww - thanks x

Fi said...

1000 posts? *applauds*

Way to go Jo! It's tough this blogging lark - but what's even tougher is keeping it up. You done good girl :)

Pierce said...

This takes time and dedication - be proud girl! I am no where near catching up to you.

Laura said...

Congrats and wow I am so impressed le laquet. You are a joy and I love your recipes. This is a huge accomplishment filled with creativity, spunk and care.

better safe than sorry said...

wow, congrats! i actually have no idea how many posts i've done, i keep coming and going.

rashbre said...

Brilliant. Well done. Even your 2008 is a pretty amazing amount of posts!!

Betty C. said...

Congratulations! I'm not sure I've been getting your Google feed correctly, though -- I've been on vacation and following Google Reader religiously, and somehow have not picked up on your posts. I'll have to check that out.

I started blogging in 2005 too, but in December. So you're a bit ahead of me. I don't think I've made it to 1,000 posts over the three blogs yet, although I should check that out!

Have a great weekend.