Thursday, April 14, 2005

Only 4 weeks to go!! Shit!

Did I mention I'm getting married? No? Why, how remiss of me!

People are starting to get all worked up about it - Audrey in the school office warned me that she is collecting all the little bits from her hole punch to give me a hommade confetti shower. People are asking where my wedding list is (wedding list - me?) Somebody told my class we're getting married and they wanted to know my new name and then got stressed because they'd have a different teacher (...... so I had to explain it would still be me but I'd just be called something different!! Yes - really!) Everyone keeps asking me am I getting excited, the answer is no! Scared - yes, stressed - yes, worked up - yes, excited - no! There are too many things still to do!

The living room walls are currently bare - we've stripped it, but now it needs decorating. Which includes painting the ceiling and coving, papering and painting the walls & taking the wood work from nasty brown stain to white gloss - joy of joys!

I have to go and buy string and little circles for my new blinds for the lady making them to finish them off!

We're hoping the weather will be nice enough for people to go outside - otherwise I have to squeeze 60+ people into this tiny house!! So, we have decking and painting in the garden to finish!

I have no shoes .... well, you know me, I have shoes; it's just I don't have shoes to go with my new outfit for the wedding! [Simon has shoes!!] I need to buy shoes!

I need to finish writing my evening invitations. The day invitations were done ages ago, I made them myself - love the whole "Blue Peter" thing and you'll never guess where I used the washing-up liquid bottle!!

My favourite but I ran out of the card!

However, I only made 15 invitations and it took me 8 hours! I didn't even attempt making the evening invites - my fingers were still blistered!!

Excited - no! Would you be?

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Katya said...

i did everything myself too, it was a complete logistical nightmare, far too stressed that it wouldn't come together to even think about enjoyment (but have you read my 100 things today, i had more problems than most)...