Friday, April 22, 2005

Hen night!

Next Saturday (30th) is my hen night / day / eggs-travaganza (someone had to do it!) - we're off to London, to a wine tasting afternoon, followed by dinner in China Town .... of course I shall be blogging it!! Did you really have to ask?

I am a little concerned about the behaviour of my nearest and dearest friends - I have categorically warned them that I shall not be wearing paraphenalia of any kind, at any time - no silly tiara, no bows / feathers / signs / handcuffs - nothing! Rien! Nada! I know - you think I'm being a misery .... I'm not really, I just am really shy - if I wasn't I'd be on a stage somewhere! So if any of you are "listening" - if you dress me like a twat I will have to go home!! :o)


Ms Mac said...

You don't have any control over your hen night madame!

Go with the dressing up like a twat- It's fun!

Le laquet said...

Oh ms mac! I love to be called madame! how did you know?

oh and btw I know!!

Katya said...

thats what hen nights are for, veils, tiaras, learner signs and ann summers - we gave our friend whips and edible undies at her hen