Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tuesday night is poker and munchies night!

I'm rich and stuffed full of bread sticks, tortillas, chilli salsa & houmous ..... oh and a couple of Tunnock's teacakes!! I played poker and won - £5.40 - which is not bad when you play with 10 pences!! There are 5 of us who play - 3 Irish, 1 Welsh (me) & an English girl - a bit like a Celtic coven with visitors!

Chris - the English girl - was educated privately and now teaches at a school for "troubled teenagers" ..... translate as necessary! Before I really knew her I thought she must have had a "posh/upmarket/priveleged upbringing" in the "garden of England!" And then, during a poker & wine weekend in Bethune, [I won £27.40 that weekend - whoop] she admitted that she was once asked to leave Athens by the authorities and was so skint she & her husband had to sell 2 pints of blood each to get the money for their flights!! My life right up until this point has been so sheltered!!

* Sorry guys, this was a real babble - I have just got in it's 11.20 and I needed to blog to relax before sleeping.

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