Sunday, April 03, 2005

Umhlanga Rocks! (used as a noun or as a verb)

Last October I went to KwaZulu Natal in South Africa as part of a TIPD (Professional Development) visit for teachrs from across Kent. The report isn't online yet ..... actually I am probably being a doofus and just can't find it! I had an incredible time, when I got back people asked "how was it?" and my answer was "life changing!" And this was the point when you saw their eyes glaze and they thought "oh god here, she goes!" But it truly was life changing, I went to places that most tourists to South Africa never get to see, met wonderful people, made fantastic friends. All in all - life changing! My photos are at flickr ... but as a taster, here are a few! Enjoy.

Zulu dancing at the Education department reception

Looking towards Durban from Umhlanga


Zulu bead work


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