Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tony, Tony who?

In school we have been learning about the Great Fire of London - 1666, Thomas Farrynor, Pudding Lane (A baker Miss, in Pudding Lane - that is a good name!), Samuel Pepys (What do you mean he buried the cheese?) et al. The kids loved it - "London was on fire? When? Oh my god! That's so cool!!" I know blood-thirsty little darlings aren't they! So today we looked at pictures of London then and London now!

Somehow we got around to the fact that there are lots of things for tourists to do and see in London today; could they think of anything? All the usual culprits came up with all the usual things to do/see.

There's the London Eye!

And London Zoo!

And the aquarium!

And the London Dungeons - they're scary!

And museums - like the one with all the big dinosaur bones!
[Me - Yes the Natural History Museum, I went there when I was a little girl!
Child - Gosh it's been open a long time Miss!
My classroom assistant - snigger!

Me, using shit hot (after practice) Paddington Bear don't fuck with me stare - Thank you Mrs *****!]

Anyway back to the subject, so a child says "and Big Ben Miss, tourists can go there!" So I ask the class if they think Big Ben is just for tourists and we re-cap last NOvember's history about the Houses of Parliament, Guido (aka Guy) Fawkes, the plot and fireworks and then I sock them with the killer question of the day ....... "Who works in the houses of Parliament?"

Can you imagine the scene ...... these kids run the gamut of emotion and disgusting kid things! We think aloud, scratch heads/bums, pick noses (and munch bogies!!) & stare at the ceiling until I say "here's a clue, his name starts with a t for tomato!"

Child - I know, I know .... Tom!

Me - No!

Child - Is it Terry, my uncle is called Terry

Me - No! His name is Tony something!

10 children at once - Tony Blair!

Me - that's right - well done! And what does Tony Blair do?

Child - He's in a rock band isn't he Miss!

Me - No!

Child - Does he stamp your passport at the airport Miss?

Me - [snigger!] No!

Child - I know Miss, he winds the clock, he looks after BIg Ben!

What could I say at this point? Nothing could get me out of the hole I had dug for myself!! So we went out to play 5 minutes early and came back to maths and not history!

Note to Mr Blair, if May 5th doesn't go as well as you'd like, pop and see my class - they have some interesting careers ideas for you!!

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