Monday, April 11, 2005

Back at work

Ok its 18.22, today was my first day back in school - why do I have 81 pieces of marking already? I've got to stop teaching these kids, I think I'm going to do just one subject/lesson a day instead of 3 or 4. So they'll get bored / fidgety - who gives a shit!! The marking is giving me cramp!!

It was a typical first day back in school - it was loud, blimey it was loud - in a "for the last fortnight I shouted at my mother to serve my junk food in front of the telly & now I'll shout at you!" kind of way! "Oh really? I don't think so!" At one point this afternoon I clapped and waved two hands in the air, wiggling my fingers manically (my calm way to get some quiet ... when I first started teaching I used to raise my voice and say "Quiet please!" they just raised their voices louder and carried on!!) So I say "don't you think it's getting rather loud? Let's try and use our inside voices!" And one child ..... let's use the name little Johnny said "oh god, she's back to that again! I like my outside voice!" You got to admire his bollocks - I never had that much guts aged 6!

Right back to the marking - where's the brandy & coke? - it's PURELY medicinal, for the cramp you understand!!

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An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

Lol.. i have a little image in my head of the class of kids from the arnie film "kidergarten cop". I truly hope your kids arent quite so