Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A dedicated follower of fashion!

I have a tattoo - only small, on my right (as you are looking at my back) shoulder. I had it done whilst I was in college. Two days later, I showed my mother .... a need to get it over with more than anything else, she tried to scratch - yes scratch, with big finger nails - it off and then cried "I looked after you inside my body for 9 months, I ate all the right things, I spent a long time in hospital. I looked after you and now you do this to yourself!" - it was all too much, like a bad country & western song!

As you can imagine, after that little incident I was a little worried about too many piercings - my brother had his tongue and a nipple done and set the metal detectors off on the way into Belfast airport - not good for a serving soldier and she "huffed and puffed" about that too! I had always wanted to have my belly button done when flat enough and then, a friend sent me these tonight! I am maybe changing my mind!!

Rings first!

So, to tie a bow you ..........

NO MORE piercings for me!!

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recoveryroad said...

Cool. And not as painful as it looks. My piercings are fun at airports etc, etc. Lol.