Sunday, April 10, 2005

Things that annoy me #1 - @ the supermarket!

You know how it is ... even on really good days, things tick you off, they just niggle away at you until you can't take any more - well I need to rant about them - not all the time, maybe not even weekly, but just occasionally!

It annoys me when after fighting my way through the Sunday morning pre-lunch rush I get to the checkout to find that it is being manned by a surly teenager. She looks me up and down, looks at my shopping, at me again and trills "do you need a hand with your packing?" I am 35 years old - not 60!!! "No, I'll be fine thanks!" [And we're not even at the ticked off bit yet!] She then proceeds to scan my shopping with one hand (whilst the other is supporting her head), she yawns constantly, talks to the girl on the checkout behind about what she can see out of the window and [here it comes!] she opens and flips through my new copy of heat!!

What is going on here? My best friends are not allowed to look at new magazines before I get to see them and here this teenager is saying "I don't 'alf fancy him!" as she drools over Brad Pitt on page 53. I want to shout "that's my heat and my picture of Brad Pitt!" but do I? No of course not, I smile, grit/grind my teeth, snatch the magazine & shove it into a carrier bag, pay and march out - determined never to go to **** @ checkout 2 again!

Are you listening Britain's most popular supermarket - try not to employ useless moronic idiots like her!!

Sometimes being British has its drawbacks - me, I should be less restrained!! From now on - I will follow Bill's advice!

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Katya said...

i got asked if i wanted someone to carry my shopping to the car and im only 26...