Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A new section!!

I really like Ms Mac's "Top Ten section" [ e.g. Top Ten things that make me laugh] it is such a good idea - yes "call me Bill Sykes" (- thank you Swansea Girl) I am nicking it! Ms Mac you should be flattered ...... there's a quote about mimicry or something and flattery but I can't think of right now!!

STOP!! I know, I know - it's theft, I think I might do a series of "Top 5s", just to be different. [Mark thinks I should do "top 4.5s" instead - so complicated it makes my head hurt!!]

There may be times when I have more than 5 things in a particular list - I reserve the right to change the number without ok-ing this with anyone .... because I'm wearing new shoes and feeling "brassy & strumpety!"

1 comment:

Ms Mac said...

Please feel free to pinch the Top Tens! I love to read them so you'll have to let me know when you do one, ok?