Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Favourite chocolate bars

Ok, first top 5!! In reverse order like Miss Universe!

5. Topic - what has a hazelnut in every bite? Squirrel shit!!! ..... No, a Topic; I love the nougat [ French pronounciation please!], I love the chocolate & I love the nuts ....... enough said?

4. Toblerone - I don't know why, perhaps it's the honey, perhaps the nougat, perhaps the "solidity" - it takes a bloody long time to eat ...... I just LOVE them!

3. Bounty - eat the chocolate first and then moist coconut!! [Dribbling onto the keyboard!!]

2. Cadbury's Chomp - chewy toffee, thin choc - lovely!

1. Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate - makes my knees knock, I'd leave Simon for enough of this chocolate!! Organic ..... why do the chocolate companies ALWAYS spell that wrong?

p.s. If you don't know how to eat it ...... take a page out of
Swansea Girl's blog! Though I even like Green & Black's Organic Milk straight from the freezer!!

p.p.s. If I'd written this 25 years ago a "Cabana" would have been #1 - like a bounty but with toffee and cherries - do they still make them? Am I the only person who remembers them?


Ms Mac said...

I vaguely remember the cabana bar!!

I love dark chocolate county bars but my fave chocolate has got to be Swiss!

Katya said...

oooh i love topic and toblerone, ick on the bounty front as i'm allergic to coconuts...and i can't eat any choc from the fridge...i love flakes and twirls, anything from cadbury really...i've never tried green and blacks, might get some when i next go shopping...


Katya said...

no idea what a cabana bar is...???

rainhavoc said...

i remember cabana bars in fact i rem them so well i want one now lets mount a campaign!

Memphis Steve said...

"what has a hazelnut in every bite? Squirrel shit!!!"

I love this so much I'm trying to figure out an excuse to steal it for my own blog.

Le laquet said...

Cabana bars were lovely Katya, but as you can't eat coconut you'd have hated them!! I can't remember who made them though!!

Memphis Steve - steal away, I stole the idea from Ms.Mac anyways!! [Who said blogging had to be legal?]