Friday, April 15, 2005

Bitch to charmer in 8 little words!

Halfway through this morning the school secretary came into the classroom and handed me some paperwork "the IT from the technology college has been in and asked you to fill in this paperwork and get it back to him as soon as possible" she says.

Fuck - I hate paperwork with a vengence; I'm crap at it, I loose it and I'm always right at the last minute for the deadlines on it - which doesn't bother me but I can sense/feel/see the anally retentive obsessive twats around me getting really agitated by this - so I took the paperwork and flicked through it! There's a million and one questions to fill in, plans to draw, I'll have to talk to the head - paperwork!! The paperwork is about interactive whiteboards, we've got two ..... I LURVE MY INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD!!! But why does the man from NTC want me to fill in this paperwork!

So I dust off "stroppy bitch from hell" and ring his mobile.

Me - Hi, it's Jo; our secretary has just given me the paperwork to fill in.

IT man - Oh hi! Thanks for ringing me, yes, the sooner you get it back to me the better.

Me - But why am I filling it in?

IT man - So we can deliver your new interactive whiteboard!

And here the change took place!!

Me - Wow! [By now I was dancing around the staff room!] We're getting a free whiteboard, I'd be delighted to fill in your paperwork; I'll do it right now!!


Ms Mac said...

At least you're npt cheap! Thse whiteboards cost a fortune!

Katya said...

ooh a lovely free whiteboard, at least your getting something out of it, i do paperwork all day, boring... ZZZzzzzzzz