Friday, April 15, 2005

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for farting!!

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for farting ....... in no particular order!)

Denzel (What do you mean Denzel who? Are you stupid?)

Brad (What do yo........hang on, we played this game once already!!)

Sam Elliot (well, there are lots of Sams but I mean Sam Elliot - the Mask, Road House & Yellow Rose of Texas)

Michael Biehn (stroking my forehead!!)

Eddie Izzard (I don't actually understand this myself, but when he starts talking ......ding dong, that's my bell ringing!!)

............... am I stopping at 5? For the moment!

Oh buggeration I forgot to mention Simon, hang on he farts in bed and it's disgusting and I get out and move to the corner of the room and breathe through my mouth and throw things as he laughs!


Ms Mac said...

Mmmm... Denzel!

The others wouldn't get near my bed. I'm very choosy, you know! Many are chosen, few have tried (regrettably!).

Katya said...

i'm not keen on either Brad or Denzel, i have no idea who Sam Elliot or Michael Biehn are (i'll google them)...hmmmmm Mr Izzard has a great voice...its just the high heels that put me off...

Le laquet said...

Ms Mac - you make me laugh!!

Katya - did you ever see Roadhouse? Sam Elliot was the bouncer friend of Patrick Swayze who got killed and Michael Biehn was in Terminator! I think it's that they're both a bit dirty .. as my mother would say "I like a bit of rough!"