Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I read (and love) the blog of Laura a transplanted Canadian in California ... and it seems that she loves me too ~aww~ and deems us both "fabulous darling!" Here's my award to prove it -

Laura wanted me to explain what fabulous meant to me.
God I wish I looked as fab as the picture - as Audrey Hepburn as her. There's were I am starting with fabulousness, the divine Audrey Hepburn. I've never seen a film of hers - and I've seen lots of them - where she doesn't look fabulous. Those cheekbones, the clothes, the grace. If only ...
Then there's foie gras. Now there are many people out there who would see me shot for eating a food that they consider as cruel as this. Why?? Well, during a process called gavage, duck or geese are force fed corn to un-naturally fatten their livers. There are celebrity chefs who won't cook it because they think it's cruel ... BUT give me a slice of pan-seared (poëllé) foie gras on brioche toast with some onion jam or Sauternes jelly and I am yours. Fab.u.lous darling!!
Other small bits of fabulousness chez Jo include ...
My wedding diamonds.
Sunday morning lie-ins.
My best friends.
Poker with the girls - I never manage to go the night without laughing until I cry.
Walking along the promenade in San Sebastian and then going for pinxtos.
So, there are a few things you need to do after accepting this award:
1.) Post the logo on your blog.
2.) Pass it on to your blogger friends.
3.) Please link the awardees in your post.
4.) Let your awardees know you have passed this on to them by going to their blog and leaving a comment.
Right in the spirit of t'Internet I am passing this on to other fabulous blogs/bloggers, so, **drum roll** in purely alphabetical order, the award goes to ...
Fi over at Fizzy's Place, she doesn't post as much as she used to but when she does she makes me laugh/choke/both.
Fi at Kiwifruit, great pictures and great writing ... I only wish I had her talent and something more like her digital camera.
Betty C at La France Profonde, pictures, France, food at the Cuisine Quotidienne (which is a little quiet these days but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do) and finally And So Forth ... currently enjoying a bit of Ray Davies.
Tina enjoying Life in the slow lane at Squirrel Head Manor, Tina and I share a love of food - pretty much any food and an appetite. One day we're going eat together - she'll arrive on a Harley!
La Bella Stella at Ms Mac, just fabulous!
Honourable mentions also go to Around Britain with a Paunch - whose food makes me dribble -, Make Lard History - who makes me cry laughing - and finally Rashbre - whose commute makes my eyes water - who all probably think this award is to girlie - but I think they're fab!


Betty C. said...

Thank you! I haven't got an award in a long time. Now I have something to post about next weekend! I like the badge too...

Fi said...

Awww shucks hun, thanks for that!*big grin*

rashbre said...

Gosh. I'll graciously accept the award although I am not so good at following up on these things.

I will admit that I've kept Breakfast at Tiffany's on my iPod to watch in airport lounges and its still a splendid film right from the opening yellow cab. You've also reminded me that I was in New York when 5th Avenue was celebrating some kind of Audrey/Breakfast anniversary and all the stores around Tiffany's had suitable displays including some of her elegant clothes.

But I'm getting to understand the Apartment Living adventures of the story at the moment, here in my overseas and Temporary one.

Pierce said...

I'm speechless! Naw, that could never happen. Thank you very much my friend. I am going to try and post this evening if the damn router doesn't give out on me again. :-)

Pierce said...

I can't figure that link thingee out - check this!


Ms Mac said...

Oooh, thanks! Officially fabulous. I'm printing that out and keeping it in my handbag for those who dare to disagree!

A World in a PAN said...


Indigo said...

I knew you were fabulous before you received the award!

Happy Mingling!