Thursday, April 09, 2009

Reads at Faversham part 1

Last Saturday night I joined the other ladies in the poker coven and off we trooped to Reads at Macknade Manor, Faversham for a slap-up-meal out of the proceeds of the poker pot - we've been collecting since July 2007 and in huge anticipation we were all looking forward to the "Tasting Menu!" Two of our number had visited previously but Chris, Suzanne and I were Reads' virgins there on the recommendations of both Brid and Tracy.

No sooner had we arrived than we were shown into the elegant and comfortable drawing room. Lovely, quietly faded couches and armchairs, quietly hovering without being in your face waiters with cute French accents. We were quietly offered menus to peruse and decided on the tasting menu. Once we'd ordered, menus were replace with glasses and nibbles - their words not mine, as they were amazingly superior to what nibbles are in my mind!
Savoury nibbles - their words not mine!
Anchovy dotted cheese straws, sizzlingly hot 2-bite Welsh rarebits made with really pokey cheese and delicious olives. A good start!
After requesting a 15 minute break between each course we were shown to our table where we were offered a choice of black olive, white sourdough or pecan & raisin bread. The butter was patted and sprinkled with flaky sea-salt if that wasn't good enough on it's own - and trust me the pecan/raisin bread was - then something arrived to dunk the delicious bread into. We were presented with cup-fulls of delicious carrot and orange soup with just enough miniature croutons to get you to beg (knees were considered) for more! The orange hit just the right note - citrus without too much punch. For the first time in the evening I realised how lucky giraffes are to have such a long tongue!!
Amuse-bouche - carrot and orange soup


Governor Jen said...

Is it possible to drool through the computer screen? That meal looks fabulous!

Pierce said...

Wow, what a post! I know you had a wonderful time. The experience and service sounds as good as the food. As usual...I'm jealous.

Thanks for cheering me on for the yorkies...they are amazing bits of food from heaven.