Saturday, April 04, 2009

So NOT going without

The credit crunch as we all know is biting. But even with the nips at our heels smarting/stinging there are things that I can't do without. I know I could use the money better in other ways but I'd be so bloody depressed if I didn't have my little luxuries that would it be worth going on?? Unsurprisingly to most of you, many of the things on my list are edible - who'd have guessed it eh?
BUT some of them aren't.

Pata Negra from the deli in Gravesend
Green and Black chocolate
Fresh shellfish every Friday
Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat
Asparagus and tenderstem broccoli
Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner
Coco de Chanel
Carte Noire - for when I have to drink instant
Food porn - such as Delicious or Olive

So, tell us, regardless of the crunch what are you so NOT going without?


Ms Mac said...

I tried Pata Negra once from Hediard in Paris. I was with my friend (who was buying) and there' in front of us was Tilda Swinton (!) buying Pata Negra too! 'citing!

Coco is one of my faves, I'd be very unhappy about having to give that up and, can you believe it?, I have never tried Green & Black chocolate! I live in Switzerland so you can imagine why that is.

Betty C. said...

We are fortunately not yet living through any credit crunch problem, and the whole thing has made me want to spend more to help the economy! I feel it's absolutely patriotic to have bought a nice pair of shoes recently, to have indulged a case of champagne...

So for the moment, I'm not living without anything; au contraire, I'm trying to spend a bit more -- because I'm basically quite thrifty and always have been.

Fi said...

Being unemployed has reined in my spending a hell of a lot, but I still love a decent cup of barista-made coffee, and I cannot resist cruising bookshops for the latest round of photography magazines from the UK that cost a bloody fortune by the time they get airfreighted across the other side of the world.

boliyou said...

I'm with Fi. The only luxury I'm not doing without is the internet.

Pierce said...

Wine. So far anyway, we've managed to find decent wine and buying by the case gets you a 5% discount.

We are about to refinace the house because the interest rates are way lower than our current mortgage.

Indigo said...

I'll give up lots of things before i give up yoga classes.

City Girl said...

Cannot live without Aveda haircare, Clarins skincare and a nightly bottle of wine.

Is that too much to ask? I think not.

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

I am SO not going without my Dr. Peppers. I am a confessed Dr. Pepperaholic and can't get enough. What a cool list you have.
Thanks for sharing.
**mingle, mingle**

Anonymous said...

Hmm. A good question. I'm not sure I'm going without anything though :-). Not necessarily because I'm rolling in dough ;-) but because I just never spent money on things that other women thought were important. Not to dis them at all, but I just don't care for the same things. Pedicures for instant, with the amount of time I'm training, they are wasted on me. I don't stint on holidays, but then I don't spend much daily.

It's an interesting post Jo, made me think :-)


Anonymous said...

I cannot go without a good fresh ground and fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning. I make it at home and drink as I am getting ready for work-or lounging weekend mornings.