Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings #330 and 331

I say ... and you think ... ?

Lisa :: B
Hope :: Floats
Irene :: ?? Who do I know called Irene? Gosh names are hard!
Tony :: Hart
Anna :: Maria
Dolly :: Parton
Laura :: niece
Debbie :: cousin
Wilson :: Beach Boys
Paula :: Abdul
And then on to the 2nd one I missed - why do I always push for as long a holiday as possible and come home knackered? Yeh, I know - unanswerable question!
Nursery :: work
Side effect :: reaction
Heart to heart :: chat
Try :: harder
Hog :: Harley
Symptom :: sneeze
Collide :: crash
Fury :: anger
Incorporated :: mixed-up
Summer ::
Wanna play? Well, pop over here and do some muttering of your very own!


Anonymous said...

what did you think of that wretched crying spell? on BGT? semifinal?

Lisa said...

Lisa: M
Hope: you know what's good for ya
Irene: pass (was going to google this one even haha)
Tony Danza
Anna: Banana - my goddaughter's mother
Dolly: wants a cracker (you're right, names ARE hard! pfft)
Laura: Tell Laura I loooove heeeerr...
Debbie: does um Dallas?
Wilson: famous basketball that co-starred with Tom Hanks
Paula: Hey, hey Paula...

Off to YouTube now to look at wretched crying spell from BGT, completely missed all that Boyle-y bizzo *mwah*

Pierce said...

HOPE springs eternal!

I love the Hog Harley reference!

I missed your posts and I'm glad you're back. Did you get lots of photos?