Sunday, June 23, 2013


A school in Essex has banned parents from its sports day because teachers (via a letter from the headteacher) claim that children get too stressed when performing in front of a large crowd.


Now, don't get me wrong - as a teacher I hate Sports Day ... it's a pain to organise, quite often if (like me) you work at an urban school it involves traipsing to another venue to allow children to run (safely) on grass and you end up either with sun-burn or (as is possible thanks to current, delightful British summer weather) foot-rot BUT it's not all about me* it's about the children!  And isn't that one of the things kids love about Sports Day? 

Mum and Dad (and perhaps nan and grandad, aunts and uncles, brothers and sister etc) get to see me run jump, carry, balance and wriggle?

So I don't win - but I know that one section of the crowd is cheering just for me!!

Isn't this a little OTT even for "political correctness gone mad" Britain??

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