Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meeting old 'friends'

So ... as you may / may not know - in January I started a new job.

I didn't particularly want a new job, I loved the school and wider community I was working with-in but OFSTED had made a rotten judgement* about the school I was at even though they said the phase that I was leading was GOOD.


Anyway ... my current job came up, I applied and (as I said to Simon) "fuck me I've only gone and got the job!!"

And away I walked.
Thirteen years in one school is a long, long time.
You know everyone!
Children, parents, grandparents and in 2 cases ... babies of previous pupils.

And a great headteacher - who was bullied dreadfully by the LEA ... well, yesterday she became my mate AND I love that.
Haven't seen her since December but I fell into friendship at lunchtime and I know it will last!

Yesterday was a GOOD day!

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