Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tyler, Kylie, Charmaine, Summer - I don't like you because of your name!!

Did any of you see the 'blatant slice of judgemental snobbery' that Katie Hopkins handed out on This Morning last week?  I think my ears pricked up as she said "I think you can tell a great deal from a name.  For me there are certain names that I hear and I think urgh."


"For me, a name is a shortcut ... of working out what class that child comes from"  
"Do I want my children to play with them?"
"There's a whole set of things that go with children like that that are quite a disruptive influence in school and that's why I don't like those sorts of children." 

Why are we allowing people like this onto our televisions?  Who is this woman to judge children??  Children?  On a name!  FFS!  Kids don't come out of the womb clutching a scrap of paper with the name that they would like.  Those names are chosen by parents and are not something to be judged on.

The other guest on the couch Anna May Mangan who stated that she was the daughter of Irish immigrants (tho' why this is something to be stated I don't know), struggled to contain her facial reactions to these words.  She then said "this is snort-worthy, Katie. I can't believe that you're such an insufferable snob."

Oh I can and more importantly a STUPID insufferable snob because this is how Ms Hopkins continued ...

Hopkins: I don’t like names after seasons of the year. I don’t like geographical location names, celebrity names. Things like Apple, things like you know Tilly Fizz or Jolly Apple, whatever they've decided to call they are crazy.
Phillip Schofield: Your child's called Poppy.

To be fair she wibbles significantly about this not being a celebrity name ... she doesn't need any help making herself look stupid!

Hopkins: (I don't like) Geographic (names). So Brooklyn or London or…
Phillip Schofield: Your child is called India.
Hopkins: Yes, but you know it is – that’s because she is – it is not related to a location that’s because India
Phillip Schofield: India isn't a location?
Hopkins: No.
Phillip Schofield: We're talking about education?
Hopkins: India is a very, very lovely name for a very lovely child.
Other guest: I think Katie is on gas and air when she chooses those things.

I think she’s on something – it might be stronger than gas and air BUT what she shouldn't be on is our television! **Note to self** Change channel next time she is mentioned 


Lesley said...

Horrible, horrible woman.

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Tina said...

Sad to think of so many people like that running around As you said, a child isn't born clasping a paper announcing the name.