Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am (like many others I would imagine) waiting patiently impatiently for this royal baby to make an appearance.  I probably need to breathe deeply and stop this, after all, none of us know when the little one was/is due, even if Camilla has supposedly dropped the biggest hint yet

I made the mistake of admitting this lack of patience whilst having lunch in the staff room yesterday and was a little surprised by the barrage of comments/critiscm thrown at me from all corners of the room. 

"You don't actually take any notice of those money grabbers do you|?"
"Bloody waste of money the whole lot of them."
"*tsk* What a waste the royal family are and she's not even a real member of the royal family."
"Oh my god - are you a royalist?"

And it made me wonder ...

What about you lot?  Do you think they're a waste of money?  Are you waiting with anticipation for the birth? 


Tina said...

Being one of your colonists I don't know that it's my opinion you are seeking. That being said, I don't pay much attention to news about the royals but my in laws read all they can about William, Kate and the lot. I think they even purchased a DVD of the last wedding.

Le laquet said...

I fear I am truly a royalist!
I'm wishing she'd get on with it - she must be uncomfortable to be fair :o/

Tina said...

Nothing wrong with being a royalist. We all like what we like. Now, I would hate paying the extra taxes because of it. I read once that James Herriott (Alf Wight) wrote 5 books for the Queen and one for himself. This was in reference to the taxes he paid being a resident of Yorkshire.

I agree, she must be miserable in the July heat with a pregnancy.

Stella said...

I'm always surprised by the amount of vitriol I get when I mention the royals. I still love them though.

Le laquet said...

Vitriol is exactly the word to explain the reaction Stella! Lets not even start on the reaction I got when I talked about the effect they have on the tourist economy of the UK.

I still love them too BUT "come on Kate!"

Tina said...

It must be a tremendous boost to tourism, look at how many people flew to England in 1997 for Diana's funeral. I remember that like it was yesterday.

By the way, the name Stella is quite a favorite of mine. It is my dear mother's name, my aunt's name, my Kindles name and what I had hoped my granddaughter would be named :-)