Thursday, June 12, 2008

And yet more food

A holiday's not really a holiday without a dodgy pick up surely? Is it? Isn't it? Which lead to us meeting Anne and Ian (previously of Graulle Haute, lately of Massanet) in a supermarket car park in Massanet. After coffee at their gorgeous new home we headed for the equivalent of the local greasy spoon where for the princely sum of €9.50* we had the most stunning lunch. My starter of "picadillo de patata y col"** turned out to be gorgeously, garlicky bubble and squeak topped with a crispy chunk of belly pork - yum. After that I enjoyed a fillet of panga aka pterogymnus laniarius cooked on a griddle until crispy and gorgeous. Dessert was "formatge amb codony/queso con membrillo" - wow! This was a thin slice of white cheese - tasted a lkittle like cottage cheese - with a piece of membrillo ... a thick sweet paste made out of quince. DELICIOUS!

Thursday dawned very dodgily indeed ... not even being able to see the nearby mountains which make up the Cap de Creus. They were shrouded with the thickest, darkest cloud you've seen since Beloq tied Indy to that palm tree with Marion and opened the ark! Didn't the Spanish powers that be see the previous night's pink sky? Or does pink mean really shitty whilst only red signifies delight. By half ten though it was almost sunny and I settled myself in a deck chair outside with factor 15 on my nose and a good book - bliss. An evening stroll along the beach and through Rosas after dinner and then zonked out on fresh air and sunshine by 10 o'clock.
Rosas (1)
Rosas (3)
Friday was spent on the beach and by the pool - by 6 o'clock I knew I'd over done it but hey ho ... at least I was going home brown! After prodigious amounts of after sun we went out for dinner ... I ate tellines - tiny little clams cooked garlic and parsley, followed by monkfish and finally creme catalana. Throughout the meal the TV (on the restaurant wall) played a film about 2 people inhabiting a windswept, minute and desolate island in the Quemenes ... where the bloody hell are they for god's sake? And why would they want to put themselves through that much hard work?
Nearly done ... tapas on Saturday to follow ... I'm off to open up the dinghy so that I can paddle to the car to get to work.
*Bread and a glass of sangria included. Why aren't lunches like this for €9.50 (£7.50) available in the UK?? Even a sandwich and a pint of coke costs almost that much at the local on a Friday lunchtime.
**The Austrian waitress spoke only a little English and it truly was only a very little.


Lisa said...

My porridge just didn't stand up to the task after reading this. You always have the best food EVER on your holidays!

I feel robbed. Porridge? Pah.

andy said...

I'll have the clams and the monkfish, you can have my pud if you like :-)

Fizzy said...

Fantastic food. The weather sounds like a game of two halves!

Fi said...

*Sigh* just blissful...

I miss European holidays!