Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hoist with my own petard

I went out for dinner last night - it was a work birthday "do!" Unfortunately the birthday girl couldn't make it ... but wait that's a whole other ball game/story of whip lash - no not whips and lashes the whole "stiff neck after a car crash" thing and she spent the night in bed on make-me-loopy pain killers.

But I'm getting off story. We went for a meal at the Bassant in Gravesend. We had fabulous food - shish kebabs, tandoori chicken, mixed vegetable pakora, samosas and plenty of chutney to start. Our main course was Aloo Gobi, Murgh Makhni, Chana Dal, vegetable rice, naan, raita and another chicken dish whose name escapes me. For pudding - which was lovely but just too sweet for me - we had bowls of Gajar Halwa ... carrots cooked with sugar, almonds, pistachios and a kind of ricotta.

I was stuffed. I laughed too loudly and too raucously. I have no voice. One well behaved Punjabi lady with us asked the waiter if she could take him upstairs ... nothing to do with me I might add.

And why am I hoist with my own petard you might ask? I shall simply quote myself as I distinctly remember asking "Why aren't lunches like this for €9.50 (£7.50) available in the UK??" Our meal last night cost just £10! Fabulous.


Leilani said...

ooh yum! We had Thai take out yesterday, probably 25 quid but I ordered 5 dishes and tons of little desserts...and I had some for lunch...and probably the rest for dinner...burp.

My favourite meals were late night Sat nights after football....curries!! There was ALWAYS an indian restaurant open in London. LOL.

Fi said...

Sounds divine! I do love me a good curry - even a homemade one :)

Yes, that dessert sounds interesting...