Monday, June 30, 2008

My blogging? Finally on the slippery slope?

I suddenly noticed this week the slide into decline of my blogging habits ... it all started when on Thursday I noticed this -

blog archive numbers
Good God I was keen in 2005 ... almost a post a day, especially as the whole thing didn't start until the very last day of February. And that included 6 weeks in France with "slower than paint drying" French dial-up* Internet. And then it looks like the rot started. 40 less posts in 2006 and then ... wait, is this a pattern forming ... 40 less post in 2007 and then there's 2008. Christ on a bike! What a total slacker I am. Even if I want to stick to my pattern and post just **rapidly tries to work out the answer to 215-40 without calculator** 175 times this year I have to post 18 times a month from now until New Year's Eve. I don't think there's been a month so far this year when I have managed 18 posts?!?
So I'm going for a NaBloPoMo this coming month. A photo NaBloPoMo. A photo-post a day through the month of July to try and hold off the decline for a little while. Will I manage it?? I seriously doubt it to be honest. **stalks off to look inspiration** Oooh and the NaBloPoMo theme is food - that bit I can do, honest!!
*You'll be pleased to know that in theory this is already fixed for this summer. When I say "in theory" what I mean is that Broadband is installed BUT (and it's a big BUT ... no, not that BUTT, yeh I know that's big too but please pay attention) because of the geographical location of Le Laquet - well suffice to say that there could be improvements to the Broadband service, in fact even the Mairie is now on the case with France Telecom and Neuf.


andy said...

Good luck!

I'm thinking of having a crack at this, its just a picture of my dinner every day, right?

Leilani said...

yum!!! let's have it then!

Alison said...

I know the feeling about slacking in posts! I never get tired of reading your blog... no matter how slow the traffic might be. :)