Monday, June 23, 2008

Quizzically, already round 2

Aha the ubiquitous picture round.

If I was Paxo himself, I would at this point rearrange my M&S y-fronts, bark about starters for 10 and show you an 18th century oil painting. But, hey, our pub quizzes in Uni were more about beer and sex questions so here we go.
Can you name these famous people before they were famous?
not yet the top gun
sitting oh so quietly
someone interrupted this girl
this footloose little cherub became an icon
a famous son and now, a famous husband
DON'T give the girl a cigar
listen to my heart go throb
the hardest one of all but the most saintly
Gee I guess you must be Jane
free in the Rainbow Nation
Right, off you go - answers in the comments box if you wish. Have fun. Remember **puts on Loyd Grossman "Through the keyhole voice"** the clues ... are in the pictures.


Ms Mac said...

Well, I know one for sure. And I still would have fancied him, even then!

Another one I think I know, and if it's him, then bloody hell! he looks like his dad as he got older.

And the top one, well, that's the before shot from, Before He Went Insane!

But the others, I'll have to put off all the housework and have a good think. It'll probably take me the best part of the day.

Lesley said...

I've spotted the dwarf scientologist, Hillary Clinton, Tiger Woods (maybe?), Nelson Mandela, Steven King (solely based on the glasses) and could that be Nigella Lawson with the fork in her hand?

andy said...

Tom Cruise
Dunno, but great hair!
Macauly Culkin
lol! Norman Fowler
George Clooney
Tiger Woods?
Nelson Mandella

Again, I'm rubbish!

Le laquet said...

Ok ... so the answers are
Tom Cruise
Angelina Jolie
Sarah Jessica Parker
Michael Douglas
Hilary Clinton
George Clooney
Barack Obama
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Demi Moore
Nelson Mandela
How did you do?

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Well, I noticed demi Moore...and Tom Cruise...and George Clooney...and is that Julia Roberts there???

Leilani said...

oh!! I was wondering who that blue eyed adorable girl was! I think I only got three or four at the most. Hilary Clinton is an easy one. I figured Barack only because his pictures have been in the news. I suspected Bill gates and the rest were blanks.

Sophie said...

one of them has to be George Clooney and erm is it little Master Obama on the beach??

Tammi said...

Hey there you!
My gosh...I had you in my list of faves for'd ja' sneak off my list?huh?huh?huh?
I feel like a real dweeb,cuz I only got the 1st one:Tom Cruise
Gona add u back on my page
OK with you?