Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Food? You mean you need me to eat?

Too tired.
Need to sleep.

Inspection starts at 8am tomorrow ... wait, we've already had the pre-inspection commentary so I guess it's is underway as we've had the pre-inspection commentary to work on.
ummy chicken (hot, sweet and spicy) and salad (juicy, full of cucumber and really nice tomatoes*) for dinner. Bed now ;o)
* When I say nice tomatoes I mean ones that tasted and smelt like they did when I was a kid, you know that straight from the greenhouse smell ... memories eh ... transports me right back to my Uncle Dil's greenhouse and me pinching the tomatoes when no one was looking *wink*


Leilani said...

ooh that salad sounds so good. Here's my question. WHEN do you make your lunches when it's obvious you're so busy! Do you do it everyday or make two days of lunch at one go? You are tops!

Lisa said...

Maybe Jo makes them the night before? The certainly sound like a lotta work to me. But then I always was a grab and eat in a hurry kinda person lol
I can see your blog is going to possibly inspire me to cook more my dear. I did say possibly right!? Oh yeah...phew.