Saturday, July 12, 2008


Let's not talk about how crap I've been at NaBloPoMo, or how I am going to have to buy a new camera lead because mine has disappeared and let's talk instead about how much I love BBC iPlayer. Missed Mock the Week? Yes! Well watch it now on BBC iPlayer ... and whilst you're at it, if you like Mock the Week, we think you'll want to watch MORE LIKE THIS ...

Mock the Week
Eggheads ... The National Lottery? Room 101 - yes, but ... The Weakest Link? What? **confused now** Mock the Week is similar to the Weakest Link? How? And because I love Mock the Week, I'm going to love University Challenge? What, Paxo is gonna make me laugh as much as Dara does? Could someone explain that for me please?


Lisa said...

Hooray, now I won't feel so guilty for saying I'm going to do one thing, and then do another lol

Thank you for being my absent partner in crime, although I wasn't doing the foody thing, the attempt was being made.


Fizzy said...

can't quite get my haead around "mock the week", I prefer "have I got news for you"