Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just one of the bizarre conversations that take place in this house ...

Yesterday morning I walked into the back bedroom to iron a t-shirt to find Simon wearing just boxers, sitting cross-legged on the floor drawing a triskelion in permanent black marker on golf balls.

Me - what the hell are you doing?

Him - Identifying my balls

Me - that's easy, that's *points* your left one, and that's *points again* your right one.

Well, you didn't expect me to pass up on the opportunity did you??


Lisa said...

lol brilliant. I would've probably said something like "Oh, right, well let me just get them out of my handbag for you first" haha

And what the hell re the triskelion? What happened to the basic X or his initial? Sometimes I think things are getting far too posh out there in the world today! lol

Leilani said...

ha ha ha....brilliant. serves him right. at his age...after all this time, he should be on talking terms with his balls. All that picking up, handling, rubbing, slamming the balls against the stick...

er...what exactly are we talking about? Golf right?

Indigo said...

oh dear, brilliant, but my husband would KILL ME if I had blogged that. LOL! Are ya coming back to That's My Answer???? MISS YOU!!!!

Leilani said...

Bring food back!!!

Fizzy said...

My conversation to the HGS this morning was,
"There are three things that I want you to do today, 1)tidy your room, 2) help tidy this dump of a lounge(He had made most of the mess), 3)change your boxers as your balls are showing.

Great big hole where the sun shouldn't shine!

Did I tell you that I have broken up for the summer?

Fi said...