Sunday, January 25, 2009

The British One Hundred

Having done the Omnivore’s One Hundred, I had to do this that I found over at Food Stories page on Food Buzz … I give you my British One Hundred!

The rules/guidelines/instructions/whatevers …

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Link back to
Food Stories, if you would be so kind.

1. Grey squirrel NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!
2. Steak and kidney pie – yum, love it and steak and kidney pudding too!
3. Bubble and squeak – yum again.
4. Spotted dick – it’s ok I prefer Jam Roly Poly
5. Hot cross buns – lovely, toasted with butter.
Laverbread – yep, with cockles, fried in bacon fat … I’m a Swansea girl you know!
Toad in the hole - yes, I follow St Delia's recipe
8. Shepherd's pie AND cottage pie - yes, one with beef the other with lamb right?
Scotch egg - yes I've made my own a la Gary Rhodes
Parkin - yes, grampa used to make it on Guy Fawkes night?? Why I don't know!
11. Welsh rarebit - yep
12. Jellied eels - ype, not keen on the jelly.
13. Stilton - yes I love it but you can stick your cissified white stilton with apricots
14. Marmite - my mate!
15. Ploughman’s lunch - yes BUT I'd rather have a ham one.
16. Cucumber sandwiches - yes @ #100.
17. Coronation chicken - yep, but I'd rather not!
18. Gloucester old spot - not yet, one day. Need to find a decent butcher round here.
19. Cornish pasty - of course, I'm rather partial to an ogi
20. Samphire - yep, I don't "get" it though!
21. Mince pies - yes, pastry kills me but I love them. I want to try the ones that the Hairy Bikers/Bakers made at Christmas with orange in the pastry.
22. Winkles - yes, hasn't every British "kid" of a certain age had these on a wet seaside holiday? Cornwall, August 1978! And in France, Les Sables d'Olonne.
23. Salad cream - love it! With Gary's Scotch eggs.
Malt loaf - yep, yum, like it made into bread and butter pudding or toasted or just ...
25. Haggis - yes, nice, with Scots friends one Burn's Night.
26. Beans on toast - this very day for breakfast.
27. Cornish clotted cream tea - yes, yum!
28. Pickled egg - yes, in the local chippy. An aquired taste.
29. Pork scratchings - yum, lead me too them. My mother shudders.
30. Pork pie
- yep but I'm not keen, pastry and the jelly! Not again thanks.
31. Black pudding - yes I adore it. A full English is not right without it.
Patum Peperium or Gentleman’s relish - no, must have a go. BUT I love anchovies.
33. Earl grey tea - not keen to be honest but I have tried it.
34. Elvers - haven't tried them, would though.
Gordon's version sound like whitebait. I love whitebait!
35. HP Sauce - oh come on of course, cheese on toast wouldn't be right without it!
36. Potted shrimps - yes, from Morecombe - delicious.
37. Stinking Bishop - yes, lovely, thank you
Neal's Yard Dairy
38. Elderflower cordial - yes, my friend Brid makes her own, yum!
Pea and ham soup - yep, I made some last Sunday.
40. Aberdeen Angus Beef - yes BUT I prefer
Welsh Black.
Lemon posset - lovely with blueberries in the summer!
42. Guinness - oh there were some nights on the black stuff, lets not go there right now.
43. Cumberland sausage - yes, lovely. Tesco's finest are good.
44. Native oysters - yes, down in
A ‘full English’ - yes, the curer of all hangovers. The challenge - to get a little bit of everything in the first and last mouthful.
46. Cockles - yes, with #6. In fact I've picked my own nr the steel works in Llanelli.
47. Faggots - yum, whether they're by Mr Brains or from Swansea market.
48. Eccles cake
- I don't care for them, there's that whole pastry thing again.
49. Potted Cromer crab -yum!
50. Trifle - oh yes, cream and custard and cake and fruit ... what's not to like.
Stargazy pie - once in Cornwall, it was delicious.
52. English mustard - yes, on ham sandwiches, stong enough to singe yor nasal hair.
53. Christmas pudding - oh yes from that little place in Covent Garden, what the hell is that shop called? Meantal breakdown. We have one from there every Christmas. Bugger ... goes away to think.
Cullen skink - yes in Scotland, all that creamy smokiness was very lovely.
55. Liver and bacon with onions - yes, don't like it if it's overcooked though.
56. Wood pigeon - yes, *spit spit* and I've found the shot too.
57. Branston pickle - yes, "bring out the Branston!"
58. Oxtail soup - yes, lovely rich and irony. Thank you Mr Heinz!
Piccalilli - yes, lovely with Ham sandwiches.
60. Sorrel - yes, leaves in salad BUT I've heard that sorrel soup is good too.
62. Chicken tikka masala - of course, who hasn't, well vegetarians obviously.
63. Deep fried Mars Bar - no but I've tasted a
pizza crunch ~ boke!
64. Fish, chips and mushy peas - delicious!
Pie,mash & liquor - yes, when I first moved to the South East in 1997. I remember thinking how bizarre it was that the liquor is in fact parsley sauce. And they way the mash was "spread" onto the plate.
66. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding - yes, lovely rare beef, slab of pudding and a good red wine jus. YUM!
67. Pickled onions - lovely, straight from the jar and then the vinegar to go on your chips.
Cock-a-leekie soup - yes, lovely, again in Scotland ... thanks to Ruth's MIL big Betty-B.
69. Rabbit and Hare - yes, I love rabbit pie the way my grandad used to cook it. Not so keen on hare but I'd eat it again.
70. Bread sauce - this very Christmas, made with brioche crumbs.
71. Cauliflower cheese - yum, a weekly eat chez Langthorne
72. Crumpets - butter and jam, has to be Strawberry.
73. Rice pudding - lovely, grampa's recipe, we fight over the skin.
74. Bread and butter pudding - yum, probably my favourite dessert, well alongside, creme brulee/pannacotta. I like to spread a dab of marmalade over the bread and butter too ... Osborne pudding I believe.
75. Bakewell tart - yum.
76. Kendall mint cake - never tried it. Seen it in Millets. Is it good?
77. Summer pudding - always horrified at the thought of this BUT it's yum! With a big dollop of cream.
78. Lancashire hot pot - "I'll have a
hotpot Betty love!"
79. Beef Wellington - yum, after foie gras probably my favourite dinner. Simon's is legend!!
80. Eton mess - yum, double yum, got to be chewy meringue though.
Neeps and tatties - yum and I like the Welsh version, potch.
82. Pimms - Pimms o'clock.
83. Scampi - delicious.
84. Mint sauce - is there any other way to eat lamb?
85. English strawberries and cream - and Welsh strawberries from Knelston on the Gower.
Isle of Wight garlic - yes after watching rick Stein eating garlic fudge.
87. Mutton - yes, it's the best basis for a good
cawl. I find myself saddened that Welsh food is not sufficiently celebrated - Catherine, Tom, Cerys, Duffy - tell everyone! Bugger that in fact. Listen everyone WELSH FOOD IS bloody BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
88. Deep fried
whitebait with tartare sauce - yum, I LOVE whitebait, with or without taratare sauce.
Angels on horseback - I love these, oysters wrapped in pancetta/really good bacon and grilled. YUM! I like prunes doens this way too.
Omelette Arnold Bennett - eggs, cheese, smkey haddock, done for brunch by my fabulous BIL - YUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM - I could eat this every day. You should taste his pear and roquefort salad.
91. Devilled kidneys - the devilier the betterer, yet another mother-cringer.
92. Partridge and pheasant - yum, I love the gamieness of both f these birds, eaten in the UK and France.
93. Stew and dumplings - my nana was a great home-cook. Pork stew with apple and sage dumplings that were as light as a feather. Beek casserole with horseradish dumplings that tickled your tastebuds BUT danced across you tongue.
94. Arbroath smokies - THE BEST smoked haddock I have EVER tasted.
95. Oyster loaves - what? Off to
Google them!
96. Sloe gin - picked them, pricked them, gin'd them, drunk them. Eaten the sloes coated in dark chocolate with good vanilla ice-cream afterwards.
97. Damson jam - yum, grampa's damson jam was fab.
98. Soda bread - YES YES YES, the best kind of bread.
99. Quince jelly - umm, British 100? Quince jelly? Sorry, have only ever eaten this as
membrillo. Bring on the manchego!!
Afternoon tea at the Ritz - been there, done that, loved it, I'd go everyday! The Grand in Brighton is bloody good too.


Anonymous said...

I love these sorts of postings and I intendt to forward to my sister in law who hails from Taunton. I look forward to comparing notes. I think I might even do pretty good as well, although I have not been back to the UK in a while. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I shall have a go at this when I get back to the UK. For some daft reason, I can't get into my own blog from here :(

Pierce said...

Well now....I have SO many questions for you that I don't know if you want them in this comment box. Shall I email you? Some of the items I know and have tasted when in England. V good....some I don't have a clue and others...well tempting indeed.

Did you get my recipe for crab cakes? Very rich stuff.


boliyou said...

I've never been to England and its surrounds, much as I would like to. But I gave it a shot...