Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a week!

Yay Tuesday is a memory! You asked how it went and how major it was, well we have to write/fill in a Raising Attainment Plan* every September when the academic year begins to say how we're going to improve. Then 3 times a year the Local Education Authority sends an inspector** in to check progress against the targets on it. Thankfully we couldn't be sacked if it had gone badly BUT the frequency of his visits would have increased and he would have asked to see other things e.g. teaching observations and spoken to pupils/parents. As it is he has said we are making GOOD progress.

It's just the pressure/headless chicken mode that everyone goes into because a) they know he's coming and it's important and b) the leadership team will be tied up all morning with him and therefore they'll have to deal with problems themselves. I had one teaching assistant in tears 20 minutes before he was due to arrive and I'm like "WTF can I do about this now?" I didn't say that out loud honest!
The good news is that he wont be back until April BUT he will be back.
The rest of the week didn't particularly improve much - windy weather, full moon ... neither of which are particularly good for children "on the spectrum" ~ and we've got plenty of them trust me. On Thursday afternoon the head went to a meeting, the deputy head was on a training course, leaving **SCARY GULP** me in charge. I know - IN CHARGE. And boy oh boy didn't things kick off. I have one child who wrecked the internal exclusion room, a child who attacked a classmate on the playground and a child who was left after school when parents didn't show up and was finally collected by the Duty Social Workers team at 5.15!
God I needed a glass of wine last night! :o( Onwards and upwards!!
*as we are a school that does not have brilliant results ... thanks to years> of poor teaching, misuse of funding etc. - thankfully this is being changed> by a new headteacher or I wouldn't be here!!
** Euphemistically known as a "partner" - there's a load of bollocks for you eh?


A World in a PAN said...

We all need a glass of wine from time to time, don't we?

teuchter said...

Added to full moon and windy weather - Mercury's just gone retrograde too.

This partner chappie ...BUT he will be back. Is he called Arnie?

Glad you survived.
Whatever they pay you - it's not enough!

Have a good, relaxing weekend.