Sunday, January 18, 2009

The handbag challenge

The handbag challenge has been floating around the Internet for a little while now ... and for once thanks to Santa I have a new handbag (actually 2 new handbags) that are good enough to be included. As they're new, they're also clean/tidy enough inside not to embarrass me. Don't ask me to re-do this in 6 months time because I will refuse!!

Right, here we go ...
New handbag #1 - Red leather aka Scarlett*
New handbag #2 - Aubergine leather aka Nameless Bag, yes meant as a play on words - needs a new name. Suggestions please - polite ones that is!
Nameless bag

Anyway inside the bags ... I heaped the booty all together is/was/shall be ...

In the bag

- my purse, yellow leather, looking scrubby, could do with a new one.
- 1 silver chain mail purse, containing (bizarrely) 30 Rand, my only-for-an-emergency M&S credit card and an ancient Clinique lipstick which I probably should bin BUT they don't make the colour (Black Lily) anymore and I love it.
- my keys on the Zulu bead work chili keyring.
- my school keys (the big bunch at the back buried under the orange gorilla key ring)
- my keys to Mum and Dad's on the Zulu bead work rhino key ring. ... he's threatened to change the locks, she loves me and has stopped him.
- our passports because after all, we've only been back from France for what, almost 3 weeks ... that's nothing, they were in there until March one year.
- my cheque book.
- my USB drive attached to a little Welsh lady keyring.
- my camera case ... camera in hand being used!
- a purple glass bead necklace, in case an extra bit of bling is necessary.
- a small tube of hand cream.
- used ferry tickets ... ditto to the passports.
- my Nintendo DS and a spare game ... ditto to the passports, long journey etc.
- a pack of playing cards ... ditto to the passports, ferry crossing etc. We used to play dominoes but Simon was taught by a Jamaican he met in Brixton (Jamaica not London) and therefore is embarrassingly loud whilst doing so.
- my last lesson observation.
- 2 black pens.
- spare contact lenses.
- painkillers - you travel with Simon!
- a square of leather the same colour as Nameless Bag ... I'd like matching gloves. I'm looking for gloves that match Scarlett too.
- a large paperclip.

Strangely no mobile phone ... where is that? Aha I spy it in all it's Nokia E71 loveliness!

Nokia E71 loveliness

So, there you go, just got to stuff get it all back in now.

So, the rest of you ... are we feeling brave out there people? Want to share the contents of your handbag/man-bag/rucksack/laptop bag? Don't be shy ... spill!

* Yes I like this handbag enough that she has a name! I know, I know BUT leave me be please - I'm still dealing with man flu at the moment and it's wearing me down! He's not having a bell!!


Anonymous said...

I did this one in Dec 07, having pinched it off Lesley.

I'm still using the same bag - and still swearing every time I still can't find my keys.

Anonymous said...

I like your choice of colours. I'm very boring, tending to stick to black or navy.

What are all those jars sitting beside the Nameless One?

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

I haven't named my purses yet, but in 8th grade I bought a red clutch purse that I though a bad girl would carry so in my mind it was always the Bad Girl Purse.

Thanks for visiting, LeLaquet. You've got an eclectic blog here, and I will return!

Pierce said...

Ok, took the purse challenge!

Yours looks more interesting. Wish I had reason to carry my passport.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

I want a red purse!!!

Indigo said...

I thought the nintendo ds's were for kids? And I love all your key rings, why not one for all?

I'm not scared of this challenge, after all my husband told me my purse wasn't nearly as scary as he imagined the other day.

Of course, don't ask me to show you my car trunk....

Ms Mac said...

Love the handbags, both o 'em. Good taste!