Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm back! I had a week away at the beach, looking for minibeasts and rampaging at the castle.

Beach art

Castle top in the mist

Look what I found

And then there was the summer fete.


Roll up, roll up pull a string and win a prize!

And I slept and slept.

And now I have exactly 2 weeks to sort out my bits and pieces before my move to my new job as the manager of the nursery. Did I tell you that yet? Where did the year go?


mar said...

Oh, it looks like great fun!! and it seems you had great weather! congrats on the new job *cheers* I have planned a couple of things and it will be already august, I know...

Fizzy said...

WHat a busy time you have had over the last 10 days... now how many sleeps until we break up?

Lisa said...

What lovely pictures...they certainly portray summer time...it looks warm, so lovely and warm *sigh*

Glad you're home and hopefully getting more sleep!

craziequeen said...

Hey kiddo! :-)

You're back just in time for me to say goodbye!
I'm off to Scotland to see my mum and dad for a week, then I'll be back.

If you're up for a DeppFest to help relax yourself, the the Palace is the place to go! :-)


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a blast. Please tell us all about the minibeasts!

Fi said...

PS Anonymous, alias Fi :)