Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So the summer fete was not what I expected ... I ended up on the BBQ - not what I expected at all. 3 hours of serving burgers, hot dogs and sausages. I went home via Tescos - smokey, grimy and more than a little sun burnt! Everything sold for £1.50 and at one point or another during the day I handed over the best part of £320.00 to the treasurer ... seeing as I made an executive decision to drop the price to 75p at half past four I have no idea how many I served but I know that I was on the 3rd handful of shampoo before my hair felt clean.

School yesterday was a great day, it didn't rain, we enjoyed our Internet pirate story and if I go by Fizzy's reckonings yesterday morning "if I don't count this week because it's already started, then I only have a week of school left!" I think that deserves rather a large hurrah in itself.

I see blue sky out of the window for the third day running - must be the summer they promised us. Enjoy :o)

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Ms Mac said...

Oh, hurrah a gajillion times over!

I'm just counting the days until the end of the week when I can sleep in for five whole weeks!

I can't imagine the relief teachers must feel!