Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm a good girl I am.

Sitting at the traffic lights on the way to work yesterday morning my mobile phone rang ... unfortunately I have lost my hands free ear piece so, therefore, like the good girl I am I didn't answer it. I missed the call. No number left it could have been THE CALL. You know THE LIFE CHANGING CALL. But I'm a good girl and those particular traffic lights are smack outside the new Police HQ ... so I wasn't chancing it.

And then I looked in my mirror to see the guy driving the Landrover Discovery behind me was rolling a fag. Rolling a bloody rollie! Whilst driving! And the police are concerned that I might be using my mobile phone. I don't know why he didn't just light up a bong whilst he was at it.

Sorry, rant over :o)


mar said...

Oh, I know, I am very civilized and just wonder how others get away with it. But I am sure if I use my cell phone once while driving I will get caught!! I didn't have the car papers once in my driving life and for once the police was down my very own street ...and they wanted to see the papers Mr Mar had taken to have some address change or something like that...I didn't get a fine but it was very close!
Happy weekend!

Fizzy said...

STOP POking and Boo-ing at me .... gee the pair of you!

I have read back and I am incredibly sorry that I have not been around. Will you forgive me?
WIll you Stop poking me and boo-ing at me?
I hope that you get some SUN today at your summer fete, I do not envy you.
I bet you were not asked about tambourines on your trip to the beach. I am sure the kids loved it but I can empathise with the worry and stress!
I am glad that you hada good weekend away although reports suck!
Matty got 3x 5 in his sats!
Totally fed up with the rain, I really hope that Kent water is remembering to save the water properly so that you do not have a ban again next year!
Roll on the holidays.... then we can blog and chat and RELAX

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My! They say that soon, here in California it will be illegal to talk on the phoner in the car---And I don'tknow if that includes the "speaker" one, too....!

Rolling a cigarette??? Good Heavens...I mean, doesn't that take two hands?
Well, you are a good girl, my dear! And I'm glad! (lol)

A good friend just got back from three weeks in London...and he spoke about the pretty contsant rain, and said that one day there was HAIL-HALE...well, you know what I mean....I know the summer I was there we were so lucky with the did not rain once!

Gattina said...

It's unbelievable what people do behind a stirring wheel ! I once saw a woman putting on make up ! Eyeliner and lipstick included while driving !