Friday, July 06, 2007

It’s been a long week …

Ok, I know that it’s impossible for it truly to be a long week. It’s only ever going to be 7 days BUT it’s felt like it.
It’s felt more like a week and a half and I can feel the rest of it hurtling towards me too. In fact I’m not really sure what day it is today *checks calendar* ok it’s Friday. Thank goodness!

Monday was the nursery’s annual trip – we went to the beach … a lovely day really if you don’t mind a little rain, wind, 90 children and some parents. It was actually a lovely day but the stress of keeping your eyes on that many children, that near the ocean Thames estuary was tiring! I was tempted to take a little nap on the return coach trip but I had B sitting next to me and boy can she come up with enough questions, songs, lorry counting sessions and shouts of “look Mrs L a horse” all in a row to keep even a knackered old teacher awake.

The rest of the week has been a rush of meetings, reports, meetings, lunchtime detentions, meetings, cabling surveys and meetings. And I think that’s why I feel like I do this morning – because there’s been very little children this week. I finally got back into class yesterday for the day but this morning I have another meeting and some TA training to do. But at least tomorrow is Saturday and actually summer fete day in school. I’m on the sand art stall, so I’ll get to spend time with children – it’ll be a lot like Monday. 100s of children and sand.


Ms Mac said...

Eek! Are you sure you're not pitching a horror movie?

Hehe. I know you love your job. And I'm glad you do.

andy said...

You put them in detention?

They're just little children, for gods sake!!!!

Only joking, I'm sure the little brats deserve every moment :-)

Anonymous said...

Horror all the way!
And BRATS all of them!

Jo x