Sunday, July 22, 2007


Cat and Chris enjoying the refreshments
Si and Laura seeking shelter
Helen - a pocket or hand for everything and everything in it's pocket!

Cordel - the BBQ master

My muddy toes on Saturday night - I had to wash my feet on the doorstep in the mop bucket!!


Andy said...

Mop bucket :-)

What a classy bird!

Also, the BBQ looks great.

Also, where can I get me a coat of many bottles?

Also, looks like you all had great fun, despite (or maybe even because of)the weather.

Fi said...

The Great British Summer complete with rain and champagne!

Sounds like Global Warming's come your way too.

Lisa said...

Wow, what a great weekend you all had. Just looking at the pics is obviously enough for us to see what a fab time you were all having despite the weather.

Helen, looks like she knows what it's all about eh? lol

As far as your foot is concerned and the mop bucket? Bet it was fabulous getting into the shower at the end of it! lol

(and how many "also"s does Andy think he's allowed in one comment?? Taking liberties like that, I don't know!)