Thursday, July 12, 2007

This week, it could only happen to a teacher ...

Walking across the playground on Tuesday morning. Knowing that football is only allowed on the field* - we have handball courts on the playground. I see a year six boy kicking a tennis ball to his mates and say in a loud, clear voice ...

"M, you know your balls shouldn't be anywhere near your feet! You lot should only be playing with your balls with your hands!"

I then had to go to the aid of my colleague who was laughing so much he developed a hernia. My face was scarlet. Every single lad in year six was howling with laughter!

Yesterday afternoon J comes running too me in the nursery shouting "R has had an accident, he's pulled the knob off the toilet door. I walk into the toilet and say "R where are you?" A little voice comes from the last cubicle so I walk over, peer over the top to discsover that the knob has in fact come unscrewed. "No problem R" I say "give the knob to me and I'll screw it back on."** R passes me the knob and I begin to screw it on when I suddenly realise it's slightly wet.

So I say "this is wet R, what happened?" Where upon he points to the pale yellowy water in the toilet bowl and said "it went down there, I got it out for you!"

To some extent I am dreading today!!

* We're truly not being nasties it's to protect the littlies from flying footballs. They get to play football / soccer on the field every day.
** Luckily my littlies in the nursery are too young to catch me out on that first very obvious double entendre!


Ms Mac said...

Oh yukk! The perils of working with small animals. I mean small children.

Once James gave me a crisp and I ate it but then he told me he knew I didn't like roast chicken flavour so he'd licked the flavour off before he gave it to me.

Wulfweard said...

Ooh Err missus It's like reading a 'Carry On' script

Lisa said...

lol how delightful young kiddies are eh?

you are just SO lucky you get to work with so many of them on a daily basis *snigger*