Monday, October 27, 2008

The duck has quacked

So, here's a post to stop anymore ... it's either shut her up or we'll be making a vat of orange sauce and really finishing her off!! ;o)

So, Saturday night's ambitiousness* ... "2 gay men, an occupational therapist and her Coldstream Guards bandsman** husband " - piece of cake. Our evening out was a huge success, we had a fantastic time. I drove to Bethan and Phil's in Hounslow and we caught 2 buses to get to Twickenham - only time I've been there before was to watch the rugger - where we met Stuart and his partner Wayne in a little Thai*** restaurant.
So, a little background history; Stuart, Bethan and I went to comprehensive school together in Gorseinon nr Swansea. We left six form in 1987 and whilst Bethan and I have kept in touch over the years (Christmas cards, birthday cards, hen nights and the odd lunch "in town") neither of us have seen Stuart since. 21 years. How nervous was I on Saturday morning? Just because ... would we all find anything to talk about? Would the three of us get on as well as we did in school? Would Beth's husband and Stuart's partner feel left out****? Well I needn't have worried at all - other than a quiet moment or two at the very beginning you'd have needed gags to keep us quiet. We had a riot ... ended up back at Beth and Phil's ... eventually got to bed at 3am - including changing the clocks!
Can't wait (tentative plans already in place) to get together again.
* Kenny's words not mine :o)
** Ok Leilani, Phil is a soldier, he's in the Coldstream Guards ... he currently plays the bass drum (guitar and bass guitar when performing in concerts/at functions) for the marching band and does all the ceremonial duties like Changing the Guards at Buckingham Palace and other state ceremonial events across London.
*** The bistro was full, my fish cakes and beef Pad Thai were delicious.
**** Let's not even get me started on why I neglected to take my "little social misfit" along for the drive!!


The Fi in Photografi said...

Sounds like a fab night! Old friends and good Thai - you just can't fail :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How FUN my dear, to hook up with old friends and have it be so Great! Cause, as you said...It might not have been...But, I think long time friendships from waaaay back DO have a better chance of beoing great fun, than not! You have so very many mutual memories....And the food sure sounded devine, too!

Fizzy said...


I didn't say you had to write a post.
I am sure I did not!

Sounds like a brill fandabidozie time.

it is sooooooooooo sunny but soooooooooooooooooo cold up here today

Leilani said...

oh that's what it is. I thought it was a band like the one Gywneth Paltrow's husband is in...