Thursday, October 30, 2008

Questions, more and more questions

There's questions to answer over at That's my answer! Here's a taster of my questions today ~ go on over there and answer them why don't you ;o)

Autumn days ~ Autumn has really hit hard this week.. Yes we’ve had gold/russet leaves for weeks now but yesterday morning we had cars covered in frost and a friend 100 miles up the road had the first flakes of snow yesterday evening. I love to look at the leaves, hear them crunch under my feet and then retreat inside to the warmth of the fire-side. So, tell us, what do you like about autumn?
Hit snooze and rolled over ~ When was the last time you overslept? Were you late for anything important?
Raindrops on roses ~ Whiskers on kittens. Not for me thanks, I prefer, hibiscus blooms and the first star in the sky. So, tell us, a la Julie Andrews, what are your favourite things?
Spuds! ~ How do you cook your potatoes? Roast? Boiled? Baked? What’s your favourite way?