Saturday, October 18, 2008

Questions, more and more questions

There's questions to answer over at That's my answer! Here's a taster of my questions today ~ go on over there and answer them why don't you ;o)

Shop ’til you drop ~ Are you go shopping today? What are you going to get? Are you doing the eco-thing … i.e. will you take your own carrier bags?
Everything but the kitchen sink ~ In my handbag (purse) I always have my digital camera, the front of the car stereo, my purse (wallet) and cheque-book, paracetemol or aspirin, keys to the school and my car keys, lipstick, body spray, mobile phone, spare contact lenses & a hairbrush. So, tell us, what’s in your handbag? Is yours minimalist or is there everything BUT the kitchen sink?
Hands that do dishes ~ mine have been doing dishes and are feeling a little dry this morning. I’ve slapped on some hand-cream - hope that sorts them out! So, what do you do for chapped hands? Got any advice for me on getting them smooth and gorgeous soon … other than “don’t wash anymore dishes”?
Word association ~ Someone says miserable and I think … sad, cold, hungry. So, tell us, what 3 words do you think of when I say miserable?