Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Help me Internet help me!

**UPDATE** The Mail on Sunday can't help me out with the recipe ... poof! Sheesh! Where next?

Last Christmas Tana Ramsay came up with a Cranberry Relish recipe in one of the Sunday magazines using a mixture of dried and fresh cranberries - bloody, bloody Simon threw the magazine out!!
Can you help Internet?


andy said...

Here is a Merrilees Parker recipe you might be able to use?

fatboyfat said...

Get some cranberries. Dried and fresh.


Add relish.

Swear a bit. Or is that her husband?

I'm not being much help, am I?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy will look at it.

Umm, err, umm ... well FBF ... umm, no to be honest you're not!


Leilani said...

Was it the SUnday Mirror Dec 10 edition? They talked about her new cookbook that was coming out.

Here are two ideas:

one if you remember the magazine, write to them and ask for the recipe. They are usually good at responding.

secondly, pick up a copy of the book and see if it is there.

If I have more time, I'll help you locate it but you need to send me more information.