Sunday, October 05, 2008

The neverending list of notes to self

You've just had to throw your fried egg sandwich* away, yes, you were catching up on Tony and Alex - horrible case of a man who was fattening up and then eating his victims - bleugh ... NOTE TO SELF ... Don't try to eat breakfast whilst catching up on Wire in the Blood. It is grisly and gorey and it will make you feel pukey!

You need new bedroom curtains. You're going to drag Simon kicking and screaming to the Dockside shopping centre. He'll then have to be "cajoled" into putting them up ... NOTE TO SELF ... Get him to clean the windows first - he wont think about it! Better still - you clean them, they'll be done properly!
Blisters on the back of your feet are going to make wearing shoes impossible tomorrow. It'll be sandals and slippers for you - really good in the rain and very professional at a staff meeting ... NOTE TO SELF ... throw those trainers away - you've tried and tried to break them in, it's not happening, bin them.
* Spray fat, 1 egg, 2 slices nimble bread - 4 WW points!


Ms Mac said...

Bloody trainers! I hate wearing trainers and especially ones you have break in (I *always* have to break them in!)

Fizzy said...

Hit the heels with a hammer - it sort of tenderises them.... if you see what I mean

Still trying to work WW out... getting there slowly

andy said...

Oh no! I *heart* trainers.

Bet yours are not Adidas, that will be the problem.

I also *heart* Wire In The Blood, havent watched last weeks yet, we need to catch up too :-)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Don't even talk to me about bloody trainers - mine have somehow done in my achilles tendon and I've been hobbling for two weeks! (then again, maybe it was just too much pounding of the treadmill.) Note to self - buy new trainers.

Note to self, remember Laquet's note to self and do not watch grisly programmes when feeling peckish.