Monday, December 08, 2008

Carrot curry and roti

Carrot curry and roti

1. Carrot curry ... much nicer than it sounded!!, 2. Chapatti aka roti attar, 3. My dough coming together, 4. Leave it to rest, 5. The start of 6 rotis, 6. Carrot curry, now with cooked carrots, 7. Umm, yeh I know it's supposed to be round, 8. Getting toasty, 9. More rolling, 10. Flipped over, 11. 1st roti done, 12. First ever from scratch gauri curry and roti! Simon's serving I did without the samosas, pakora and mango chutney ~ definitely didn't need the chutney thanks to the carrots! Lovely! Aloo gobi next weekend! Go and see the original photos with notes over at Flickr.
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(Very) Lost in France said...

yum yum! I'm on my way over! Our local cafe has a curry cooking competition in Jan. You should enter. VLiF

Pierce said...

That looks very good. I am definately into the samoas and mango chutney but my hubby would not like the mango. Great pictures too!


A World in a PAN said...

I love love curries.. indian curries (spices) or thai curries (herbs) I love them all! Will definetly try your recipe.
- "Heavy cream" I use reme fraiche, but as it is not easy to find outside France, you can replace it by heavy cream (US) or double cream (UK).
- no, the salmon eggs do not "melt" in teh sauce, they remain crisp and sharp andf it is a nice contrast.
Cheers. Laura

La Belette Rouge said...

I had scrambled eggs for dinner. Can you imagine how jealous I feel coming here ans seeing your amazing carrot curry and roti. I can almost smell the curry. Le sigh!!:-)

IronWoman said...

I"m having the worst time with my gmail account not loading and sending out emails. I looked at the flicker but I could not find the recipe. WOuld you be a dear and email them to me...the er steps as well. I'd like to make this for tomorrow or Wednesday. Also, any other dishes that you can recommend that you've tried and know will go well with this?

Many thanks Leilani.

Yes, my moniker on my blog has changed. It's racing season and I must be pumped :-)

Mar said...

Haven't had breakfast yet...this sounds (and looks) so delicious!!!

IronWoman said...

my dear...I made the curry today. I think it was too watery...but it was delicious...not spicy enough for me...though the boys ate it without complaining. Results on blog and in tummy :-)

Lisa said...

OMG that looks delicious. Is this recipe somewhere on here that I can't see yet? (I only have this post open)...if that's not the case, can I have this recipe? I'd love to give it a whirl, and the boys would be rapt if I attempted home made roti!!


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, luscious delicious!
I'm not a big curry fan, but that does look very good!