Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ugandan stars

The post-man knocked yesterday morning with a parcel that he'd been trying to deliver since Wednesday morning - too big for the letter box AND when I went to the delivery office on Thursday morning untraceable. "We'll deliver it on Saturday they said." And they did - that in itself is enough of a reason for a post ... the Royal Mail do what they say they're going to do. I could end this right here if it wasn't for the fact that the parcel was full of loveliness that I really must share it with you.

Ugandan stamps
Firstly there were the stamps ... this told me that the parcel had come from Lizzie aka Gandalady in Kampala. Pretty stamps too an Ixora Hybridia aka pretty red flower and a crocodylus niloticus aka the Nile crocodile. Anyone collect stamps anymore? You want these? They're purdy! Then there was the actual contents of the parcel ...
Beautiful stars
Yep my stars have arrived, all the way from Uganda ... here they are hanging on my "badly needed varnishing until Simon broke a chunk out of you putting a new door knob on, now badly needs repainting bedroom door." Do you like the knob though? Nice and shiny isn't it? Anyway, I first saw the wall-hangings - that's an alright name for them Lizzie - in this post all about Lizzie's Internet shop Sweetshop and instantly fell in love with them. The site is a portal for Ugandans to sell clothes worldwide "giving a fair wage and job opportunities to Ugandan tailors by helping them access the Western market." And with my stars came a note from Eva, the sister of the lady who made my stars.
A note from Eva

I don't know whether you can read what it says - it was difficult knowing which setting to choose on the camera so here you go ...
thank you for supporting my sister who made the stars, it's a great pleasure becasue she has no job but with your buying the stars she can earn something to continue with life. please introduce the stars to your firends so they can also order so she can get more custom.
God bless you
So that's exactly what I'm doing - introducing you to my stars ... "Stars, everyone. Everyone, stars! Look, pretty beads and shells! Loveliness!"
Close up of the beads
What are you still doing here? Go and buy some!


Anonymous said...

Lovely stars!
I may investigate - if I can shake off the Xmas BahHumbuggery.

ps - I think your house must be the same vintage as mine. Our remaining original doors were identical.

Anonymous said...

Fab stars!
I may investigate - if I can shake off the current BahHumBuggery malaise.

ps - your house must be of a similar vintage to mine. Our remaining original doors were identical.

Leilani said...

I love stamps! Yes I'll take them if you're offering!

Magpie said...

Those are adorable.

Le laquet said...

Teuchter - 1930's? The doors are original upstairs BUT had already disappeared downstairs before we got here.

Leilani - yep they're all yours.

Even better in the flesh Magpie - truly they are!

Lisa said...

I tried to buy some of these a few weeks ago on Gandalady's site, but couldn't find the link or money thing or something...I know I looked for ages cos I wanted some! I'll look again after work today now that you've put it all up there again.