Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keema gajar with roti

Keema gajar with roti, originally uploaded by Laquet.

Looks like Saturday is really becoming curry night! The recipe is in my flickr account with the photos - kind of. Tweak it I say, tweak away!


Betty C. said...

This looks so delicious. I don't do a lot of curries here in France, although I don't think anything is stopping me, especially now that we have a "British" specialty shop here in Rodez.

Fizzy said...


Indigo said...

I'm not a fan of curry, but I LOVE that dish!!

andy said...

Looks great, I would expect a almost dry meat and peas dish when I order Keema, I think I'd like to try this, I do like a bit of gravy :-)

I'll have roti with mine too!

IronWoman said...

but...where are the recipes?!!!?

Le laquet said...

You should do it Betty - it was delicious.

Yes Mrs F - yum indeed!

Is it the heat Indigo? This was quite spicy but then I put in lots of chili.

Do you mean like keema matar Andy - love that too!

In my flickr account Dr Ironwoman - here. Click on each of the pics.

Laura said...

Yummy...tell me how it smells.