Thursday, September 06, 2007

A few tears

Well, it's a dreary old day outside the window - bleugh in fact!
And after it being so lovely and warm yesterday afternoon.

Such a lovely afternoon as we finally got some children into the nursery. 5 little lovelies and their mums and dads for taster sessions. You know the kind of thing - come and have fun, sit yourself down, relax, kick back ... see how much you'll enjoy this when you get to come back! 3 of them had to be carried out crying because they wanted to stay!

Strange no-one ever needs to carry me out crying at the end of the day because I wanted to stay!


Lisa said...

Today dawned beautifully sunny and blue....but the temperature was bloody freezing! I hung out the washing this afternoon and have left it out there overnight because tomorrow is supposed to be a terrific day...I've a feeling I'll wake to find it frozen to the clothesline *sigh*

Um..I didn't actually plan to come here just to talk about the weather.

Cameron obviously needed you as his teacher at that age, his new entrant teacher was the one carrying him, as he bawled his eyes out while I left lol (Ryan couldn't have cared less where I was most of the time, he went way too easily for my heart to cope...can't win really eh? lol)

I'm glad those horrible bullies have moved on. I expect the whole junior school is breathing with relief about it.

And you blew a kiss at the local cop??? You saucy wench you! lol

Fizzy said...

5 children at a time... wow. I hve been booked for a yr 6 next week in an unknown school!!!!! 4 days booked in the next 4 weeks. Hopefully more to come.

I see that writine life stories is infectious on your blog today!

When it was Matty's first day in FS I was sent home by the Staff as they knew I was in the way!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh So Good to have you visit, my dear! Can I come be in that class, too?? (lol)
I hope your weather gets itself sorted out...! It is a bit cooler here was in the low 80's today....What a relief from those horrific three digit days...Help!
Though they say it is going to be back up in the 90's on the weekend and into next week...I just hope we don't have humidity with it this time...It just about did me in!

recoveryroad said...

My sister cried the first day she left Long Joe at nursery. Bah! Girls!

Mind you, my sponsor says I need to work on my empathy/sympathy. Lmao.

Have a groovy weekend, Miss. :-)