Friday, September 14, 2007


So our new children began to "start nursery" yesterday morning ... up until now they've only come for a visit or to join in a fun session. The oldies from last year have been back full time since Monday.

Gosh, yesterday morning was trying ...

Me - We're going to sing our good morning song.
J - I'm not!
Me - That's ok, we'll sing it anyway and you can join in if you'd like.
J - You bloody won't.

**breathes deeply**

And then there was ...

Me - Come and sit on the carpet A.
A - Can't teacher.
Me - Why not my darling?
A - My bum hurts because I need to poo.

And finally ...

J (yep the same one) - Oi teacher, if you don't let me go outside and play right now I'm telling my dad on you and you'll get a time out!

I'd have gladly taken a time out away from him!

So ... fingers crossed for Friday :o)


mar said...

Kids are different today...
lol! love it! you must have sooooo much patience!

Fizzy said...

Bless thier little cotton socks!

Fizzy said...

OR in my case - KS2 (8-11)

Curse thier huge polyester encrusted smelly footwear

recoveryroad said...


"J" rocks! But then, I don't have to teach her/him.

Miss, Miss! I need a poo and I'm 40 years old. Can I sing whilst I sh {blogger session terminated]


Kenny x

Lisa said...

Oh good lord! J's going to be quite the challenge isn't he? He's also going to be hugely popular with your blogroll I feel lol