Friday, September 21, 2007

It's out

The bit of contact lens that is.

I drove down the A2 to sschool winking and blinking like a pervert at all the other drivers. You can imagine them thinking "god, we've got a right one here!" I eventually arrived in the school car park, pulled down the visor mirror, peered underneath my eye lid and there it was. Thankfully by this point it had dried out a little, so one quick swipe was enough to dislodge it.

Yesterday was a "full head day" - the senior leadership team has been having some training and development with a clinical psychotherapist called Stephanie. It's been (and still is being) brilliant. We learnt a huge amount about personality typing (ESFP here), dealing with difficult people and conflict, coaching people and what parts we play in our team.

Yesterday was the first session we've had together since the beginning of the term and was a "where are we up to session" - you know the kind of thing, what have you learnt that has been useful & what would you like to get out of the next sessions? But as always, I come away from these sessions with a banging head after all the thinking & then I sleep like a log.

Next Tuesday comes my therapy session with her. An hour, one-to-one, when I get to talk about anything and everything. Lead me to the couch!


Lisa said...

Glad to read you got the contact lens out of your eye (and hey, I always knew we had a right one here haha)

I think it's always great to get lots of tips on how to handle difficult people...I'd be keen myself to talk to a clinical psychotherapist myself if I didn't think she was going to discover what was going on in MY head lol

Fizzy said...

I think this is a brilliant idea, especially when you have some very tough teaching situations, like you do.
Will the main teaching staff get the opportunity?

(my placement teacher yesterday left G&T numeracy problems to solve aimed at yr 6 for the year 3 class she taught!!!!!!! - I had to get some coins out to try and solve it myself before I could teach it! Can I have counselling ?????)

Fi said...

Great to have somebody listening to you too!

Ouch re the contact lens though. *cringes*