Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday ... that'll be more rugby then

What a great weekend it was - no really! I love watching 2 games as a spectator ... cricket and rugby. Well it doesn't get much better than this past weekend really does it? The RWC started; fortunately Wales beat Canada with the delicious Morgan Williams winning man of the match ... who eventhough he is Canadian must have Welsh ancestory with a name like Morgan Williams :o)

The New Zealand vs Italy match was pure poetry - the way the All Blacks play is incredible. Doug Howlett and Dan Carter ... superb! And then there was Sivivatu - you had to feel sorry for the poor Italians actually; if the All Blacks can't win - well then I don't know who can!

England beat India *dances happy dance* in the Natwest Series at Lord's! And the World Twenty20 series starts tomorrow! I might be a little busy.


Fizzy said...

You like cricket!!!!! *shakes head* You are reallly letting the side down.....
Never got my head around it.
It dirves me insane watching it

NOW the rugby!!!!!
There are some verrrrrrry good looking rugby players.

We had to get the atlases out last night after a row about where Namibia was.

Anonymous said...

Or "Nambia" as Simon will bloody well insist on calling it! Sheesh!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the text message...I was asleep at the time lol. I figured it wasn't going to be worth staying up to watch the kiwis play against Italy, because I've done that before, and found it a waste of good sleep time!

I rather enjoy watching the 20/20 matches, they're about the only cricket I'd bother watching. Quick, fun and very exciting!

Fizzy said...

Two friends that like cricket!!!!!
*shakes head in wonder*

(me thinks the dylse-whatever you call me typing was in full flow in that last comment)

Fi said...

Well, if we don't win there'll be 4 million people in an instant deep depression that's for sure!